Vairamuthu pens six songs for Viswaroobam

It is not new for Kamal and Vairamuthu to join hands. But the treat that Kamal gives Vairamuthu each time they meet is something special.
Sometimes he gives him coffee brought from Brazil and sometimes it could be Andhra special chicken.

At times Vairamuthu would be served with the fruits brought from European countries. So every visit Vairamuthu meets Kamal there will be something special for him.
Vairamuthu himself as mentioned about this special treats on various occasions and interviews. This time they both met on the next day of Deepavali. You know what treat Kamal gave Vairamuthu.

It was Common Sandpiper Curry. This is a bird which is called in Tamil as Ullaan birds. The shooting of Viswaroobam is now taking place in a factory in Poonamallee near Chennai. Ullaan birds are commonly available in Poonamallee.

These birds were purchased and cooked. Kamal who invited Vairamuthu to the shooting spot served with him Ullaan curry. This has stirred Vairamuthu’s nostalgic younger days. Then after tasting the food both of them were speaking for a long time.

Kamal Haasan then showed the sequences of Viswaroobam which was shot so far. Vairamuthu after seeing the 40 minutes footage appreciated Kamal for his different story and his astounding acting and technology.

There are six songs in this film. One of the songs is penned by Kamal himself and the remaining 5 songs are written by Vairamuthu. Shankar Mahadevan is composing the music.


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