Sneha says that Namitha’s friendship is the only strength for her

Actresses Sneha and Namitha are very close friends. Both of them shared the screen in the film Naan Avan Illai. Right from that time, they have become close friends.
Whenever Namitha comes to Chennai, she will meet Sneha. Both of them go for dinners and lunches. Recently they had been to London and both of them shopped together heavily.
Sneha while speaking about her friendship with Namitha said, “Though actors and actresses are popular, we are also human beings. Like others we also have feelings and emotions. Whenever I am sad or depressed I call Namitha who is in Mumbai over the phone. She use to console me with soothing words. Namitha is the only friend I can share about my personal matters. I am very affectionate towards her. Namitha’s friendship is my only strength. “
Sneha is currently acting in Murattu Kalai and Vidiyal. She is also acting in a Telugu and a Malayalam film.


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