Sangeetha’s double delight

Sangeetha is eagerly waiting for the release of two of her films- ‘Uchchi Thanai Mugarndhal’ and ‘Puthran’. “I had played never before roles in both the movies and I feel satisfied to be part of such meaningful ventures,” says the actress, who is known for blending glamour and performance.
“I had acted opposite Sathyaraj in Uchchi Thanai Mugarndhal. It was a role which some actresses refused to do. It is a total contrast from main stream movies and would create an impact once it gets released,” says Sangeetha, before she starts explaining about her other film.
“In Puthran, a film by Jayabarathi of ‘Kudisai’ fame, I had shared the screen space with veteran Y Gee Mahendra. It is a very challenging role which demanded a lot from me. I have given my best to both Uchchi Thanai Mugarndhal and Puthran and waiting for the response,” she adds.
Saying that there is no point in doing run of the mill kind of roles, Sangeetha says, “No matter even if I act in one film per year, but the character I do should be meaningful. I politely refuse to be part of movies, where I have to do sister or sister-in-law to protagonists.”

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